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We believe in simplifying the complex.

Who We Are

Independent, locally owned investment management and wealth planning firm.

Since 2004, located in Carrollton, Georgia, we have been offering financial planning strategies and investment management services to a group of high net-worth individuals, families and small business owners.

As a fee-based financial firm, our advisors take into account your entire financial circumstances, making holistic wealth planning and investment management services even more important on our mission to do what’s best for you.

Your Financial House™

Your financial plan is your blueprint for your future

If you’ve ever built a house or known someone who has, you would never start construction without a blueprint. Why would you do the same with your financial future?

Experience the Difference

We believe in investing differently

We offer a process-driven, fee-only approach to money management.

Our investment strategy is designed to MEASURE, MANAGE and POTENTIALLY MITIGATE RISK. Most importantly, it adopts to economic and market changes, which strives to keep your portfolio from being stuck in one spot while the world moves on and leaves you behind.

Fee Based

Straightforward fees

You should know what you’re paying your advisor and how we apply those fees to your investments. We’ll explain our fee structure so you have confidence that you’re receiving value from your advisor.

About Us

Our Partnership with LPL Financial

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#1 Independent Broker/Dealer in the U.S. 1

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#3 RIA Custodian
in the U.S. 2

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#1 Provider of 3rd Party Investment Services to Banks & Credit Unions 3
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Since 2004, our firm has been locally owned and partnered with LPL Financial.

By offering securities through LPL (member FINRA/SIPC), we’re independent wealth consultants, objective about financial products. In other words, we’re free to make recommendations based on what we believe will do the best to achieve your individual financial objectives. We don’t make our recommendations based on what a parent company thinks “everyone” should have in their portfolios.


Why don't we have a conversation?

Office Hours

Mon – Thurs: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Fri: 8:30 AM – 4 PM

Please give us call so we can get to know you – your situation, your goals and your needs – so we can connect you to an advisor committed to helping you pursue true wealth.