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Portfolio Strategies

It’s only natural to be fearful in today’s uncertain environment. Many investors may be tempted to base investment decisions on emotion, but our approach is to help our clients look beyond the headlines.

We offer a process-driven, fee-based approach to money management. Our investment strategies are designed to MEASURE, MANAGE and POTENTIALLY MITIGATE RISK. Most importantly, our approach adapts to economic and market changes, which keeps your portfolio from being stuck in one spot while the world moves on and leaves you behind.

The Power of Fiduciary Advice

As a fiduciary under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, we’re obligated to act in your best interest and provide you with full and fair disclosure of material conflicts of interest. In an advisory account, we monitor your investment portfolio on an ongoing basis and continue to offer you advice as needed. These services may be provided on a discretionary basis, which means you don’t need to direct us to make trades, rebalance your portfolio or make other investment decisions for your account. This discretionary trading capability in an advisory account gives us the ability to react on your behalf to changes in economic conditions.

Fee-based Advice

By virtue of using our advisory platforms, we can work under a fee-based model. Fee-based asset management allows us to share a common goal with you—growing the value of your assets, and which ties our compensation directly to the performance of your account. Instead of commissions, we earn an annual fee based on the market value of the account. You succeed. We succeed. This allows us to concentrate on what matters most—building an investment portfolio that seeks to address your specific needs.

Building Your Portfolio

We use a repeatable, thoughtful process to determine the suitable strategy for you and your objectives.

Step 1

Clarify your goals and timeline

The first step in building your portfolio strategy is determining your financial goas and when you want to accomplish them. We will sit down with you to clarify what you hope to achieve from your investments, whether that’s planning for retirement, income generation during retirement, estate planning for the next generation, charitable giving, saving for a child’s college education, working toward a larger purchase and more. Together, we’ll establish goals that will guide our strategy decisions.

Step 2

Determine your risk tolerance

Once we know what you hope to accomplish, the next step is figuring out how you feel about investing. We will spend time working with you to determine if you prefer a more conservative or aggressive approach, or somewhere in between.

Step 3

Identify an investment style

Next, we will work with you to determine which investment style is wise for your specific goals and current market conditions. The two primary investment-style options are strategic and tactical.

Strategic investing allows you to stay fully invested in a steady asset allocation model using a traditional buy-and-hold investment philosophy. Your asset allocation would be based on our market research long-term outlook and wouldn’t change much due to market fluctuations.

Tactical investing attempts to take advantage of short-term market fluctuations to find opportunities for larger gains. In this case, your asset allocation would be based on a shorter time frame and change more often as a result of the market’s movements. Because more trading occurs in tactical investing, we’d have to consider the tax impact of this type of strategy. There’s a wide variety of tactical investment management styles, which we’ll discuss when it’s time to look at the models best suited for you.

We can also choose to combine both Strategic and Tactical models if it makes sense for you and your objectives.

Step 4

Select your investment theme

The last major piece of the portfolio puzzle is your investment theme, which is the overall objective your portfolio will drive toward. Your goals, risk tolerance and preferred investment style will help our firm’s advisors determine the appropriate theme for your portfolio.

The following are a few examples of our investment themes:

Core Strategies are for clients whose focus is to accumulate assets over time to meet a specific goal. For example, to save for retirement, send a child to college, acquire a home, etc.

Income Generation Strategies are for clients whose primary objective is to withdraw assets from their portfolio to manage current expenses without depleting their initial investment. For example, to support your current living requirements.

Risk Aware Strategies are for clients whose primary objective is the preservation of their accumulated assets. For example, if you get nervous about market volatility or would prefer to preserve what you have, rather than seeking higher returns.

Complementary Strategies are for rounding out and supplementing your portfolio. For example, if we determine you need strategies to dial down or dial up the risk in your portfolio.

Step 5

Implement your portfolio

Once we’re ready to bring your portfolio to life, we’ll discuss your expectations and review what we want to accomplish through your customized strategy. To get your portfolio up and running, we’ll:

  • Transition your existing securities
  • Determine the type of account ownership and beneficiaries
  • Discuss the source of funds
  • Complete and sign all paperwork

Step 6

Review and manage your portfolio

Once your investments are in place, we’ll continue to review and manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis. The ongoing management of your portfolio will include:

  • Regular meetings and discussions so you can feel comfortable with your continued strategy
  • Active, ongoing portfolio reviews
  • Periodic reexamination of your investment strategy to make sure it continues to stay aligned with your situation and objectives
  • Rebalancing decisions to ensure the allocation of your assets remains in line with your stated investment objectives
  • Monthly statements including annual advisory account performance along with the access to track your account(s) at any time via website and app.