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2022: The Year in Review

Every January, it’s customary to look back at the year that was. What were the highlights? What were the “lowlights”? What events will we always remember? Most importantly, what did we learn?  So many things happened in 2022.  War in Europe.  Historic inflation.  Protests in Iran.  The shortest-serving tenure of any prime minister in British […]

Four Things You Should Know About the Midterms

With elections right around the corner, many clients have been asking us what the results could mean for the markets.  So, without further ado, here are four things you should know about the relationship between midterms and markets.  1. The stock market usually dips before a midterm election. As you know, this has been a […]

Understanding the Charitable Remainder Trust

The charitable remainder trust (CRT) is a popular retirement- and estate-planning tool. It can be a convenient way to create a stream of lifetime income for yourself and others or donate to a charity while minimizing and deferring taxes. But there are many choices to make when establishing a CRT and, in some cases, these […]

Trending Now 2022 The Recession

If I wanted to see if it was raining in, say, Zimbabwe, all I’d have to do is load my favorite weather app and I’d know within seconds.  Similarly, if I wanted to find out if the Braves won last night, all I’d have to do is fire up Google.   But if I wanted to […]

Three Things to Know About Bear Markets

After two years, the bear is back.  That means it’s time to review three things every investor should know about how to take advantage – that’s right, advantage – of this bear market. As you probably know, a bear market is a 20% drop from a recent peak. In this case, the recent peak was […]

It’s Time to Have “The Estate Plan Talk”

Talking with loved ones about estate planning and inheritance can be challenging, especially as it centers around two taboo topics- money and death. But talking with your adult children about their inheritance can provide significant advantages for you and them. It can help your heirs better prepare for the future and give you a chance […]

How to Weather a Market Correction

Sometimes stock prices drop across the entire market at once triggered by a range of things, such as natural disaster, political turmoil, concerns over rising interest rates, a global health crisis, or problems within a single sector that cause a domino effect across the market. A decline in stock prices of 10% from their most […]

How Women Can Overcome Obstacles to Retirement

Retirement planning requires forethought, discipline, and the juggling of many moving parts. Staying on track to meet financial goals can be tricky for anyone, but it can be especially hard for women, who face a number of financial headwinds.  Women face unique challenges when it comes to employment, income, and caregiving; as a result, they […]

Why Investors Should Avoid Overconcentration

A concentrated position in a single stock can happen to investors for many reasons. They may receive company stock as part of their employee compensation package or they may have bought shares of a single company, hoping to choose a big winner.  However, it’s unlikely that a single stock will outperform the market as a […]