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Retirement Can Be the Ultimate Vacation…If You Plan Ahead

As we get further into summer, we’ve had several friends tell us about their vacation plans.  Listening to them, it’s clear they’ve put a lot of thought and effort into planning for their trip. That got us thinking: what if people put as much time into planning their retirement as they do for their vacations?  […]

Thank You, Mothers

There’s a saying that a mother will move a mountain for the sake of her children. But sometimes, to move a mountain, you first might have to scale it. In 2023, that is just what one widowed mother did – so she would find the inner strength to raise her children alone. When Russia invaded […]

Clay Robinson Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary

CARROLLTON, GA – May 7, 2024 – Clay Robinson, a financial advisor at Garrett & Robinson in Carrollton, this month is celebrating his 30th anniversary in the financial industry. Robinson began his career with Interstate/Johnson Lane Corporation in Savannah and then managed the investment program for Synovus Securities at CB&T Bank for almost 12 years. In […]

Joe Garrett Recognized as One of LPL Financial’s Top Financial Advisors

Joe Garrett (left) and LPL CEO/President Dan Arnold are shown at last week’s LPL Masters Conference in Marco Island, Florida.

CARROLLTON, GA—March 13, 2024—Joe Garrett, a financial advisor at Garrett and Robinson in Carrollton, has been recognized with inclusion in LPL Financial’s Masters Club* for 2024. This distinction celebrates a select group of advisors on ambitious growth trajectories, who have achieved excellence in financial guidance. As America’s investing public looks ahead to continued macroeconomic uncertainty and […]

Education, Tax-Planning, Last Minute Reminders 2024

We’re well into tax season now!  Of course, some people have already finished filing their returns by this point.  If you haven’t yet, here are a few simple, last-minute tips to remember.  1. Have all your necessary documents and information in place before you start Have you ever heard the phrase mise en place?  It’s […]

2023 Year in Review

Every January, it’s customary to look back on the year that was. What were the highlights? What were the “lowlights”?  What events will we remember?  Most importantly, what did we learn?  As you know, many noteworthy and historic events happened in 2023.  Conflicts in Gaza, Ukraine, and Sudan.  India surpassed China as the most populous […]

Joe Garrett at LPL Advisory Leaders Forum

Joe Garrett recently participated in classes taught by Dr. Amy Cuddy and Dr. Hal Harshfield at the LPL Advisory Leaders Forum on the campus of UCLA in Los Angeles. Dr. Cuddy is a social psychologist, bestselling author, and acclaimed keynote speaker in addition to her role as a professor. Her 2012 TED Talk, “Your Body […]

Government Shutdown Preview

Every month, there are plenty of things to talk about regarding the markets.  This month, however, I want to give you a quick preview of something that may happen next month: A government shutdown.  On September 30, Congress will hit its deadline to fund the federal government for the fiscal year 2024.  Given how deep […]

Joe Garrett at the LPL Advisory Leaders Forum

Congratulations to our advisor Joe Garrett who recently participated in the LPL Advisory Leaders Forum on the campus of UCLA in Los Angeles. The Advisory Leaders Forum is an invitation event that provides top advisory advisors with a choice opportunity to immerse themselves in an academic setting to learn from their peers, top academia, and […]