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Government Shutdown Preview

Every month, there are plenty of things to talk about regarding the markets.  This month, however, I want to give you a quick preview of something that may happen next month: A government shutdown.  On September 30, Congress will hit its deadline to fund the federal government for the fiscal year 2024.  Given how deep […]

Joe Garrett at the LPL Advisory Leaders Forum

Congratulations to our advisor Joe Garrett who recently participated in the LPL Advisory Leaders Forum on the campus of UCLA in Los Angeles. The Advisory Leaders Forum is an invitation event that provides top advisory advisors with a choice opportunity to immerse themselves in an academic setting to learn from their peers, top academia, and […]

Breaking Down

On December 23, Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023.  This is what’s known as an “omnibus spending bill”.  (The word omnibus means that multiple measures were packaged into a single document.)  The bill authorizes $1.7 trillion in government spending on everything from disaster relief to supporting Ukraine to workplace protections for pregnant mothers.1  […]

Duality of Markets

Have you ever noticed how so many idioms refer to the duality of life?  Consider:  There are two sides to every coin.  Life is a double-edged sword.  You can see the glass as half-full or as half-empty.  Every cloud has a silver lining.  Each of these sayings refers to the fact that almost everything in […]

Debt Ceiling Questions

When 2023 kicked off, there were two storylines every economist, analyst, and financial professional were keeping an eye on. Two potential crises that could upend the markets.I’m referring, of course, to the debt ceiling and the possibility of a recession.Today, six months later, I’m thrilled to announce that the first potential crisis has been resolved. […]

Coming in for a Landing

You are on a plane, currently descending gradually through the clouds.  I’m on the plane, too.  In fact, everyone in the country is on board.  Welcome to Flight 2023 of U.S. Economy Airlines.  We know our destination: A normal rate of inflation.  What we don’t know is how long the flight will take…nor what kind […]

The Clay Robinson Family Scholarship at Carrollton High School

This scholarship was established by Clay Robinson, who serves this community as a financial advisor at Garrett & Robinson Investment Management & Wealth Planning. Clay is the father of two daughters, Addie and Lilly, both Carrollton High graduates. The scholarship was created to encourage students to pursue trade programs, such as welding, as a viable […]

Joe Garrett Honored as One of LPL Financial’s Top Financial Advisors

CARROLLTON, GA — March 30, 2023 — Joe Garrett, an independent LPL Financial advisor at Garrett and Robinson Investment Management and Wealth Planning in Carrollton, today was named to LPL’s Patriot’s Club. This elite award is presented to less than 4 percent of the firm’s more than 21,000 financial advisors nationwide*. “This is an impressive […]